Expert Dental Treatment Room Design Ideas

Expert Dental Treatment Room Design Ideas

Aug 28, 2018

Are you thinking about building a new dental practice or renovating your current clinic? Casey Schulin, our dental business consultant in Houston, TX would like to take the time to provide expert tips and ideas for your dental treatment room, ensuring the best design for you and your dental patients.

  • Selecting a patient dental chair.
    When it comes to a dental treatment room, we recommend making sure that the patient dental chair is the center of your room. From there design the rest of the room around the area you’ll be working. There are various chairs available. It is important to find one that fits perfectly while providing a comfortable seat for your patients.
  • Situating your dental delivery system.
    Along with the patient dental chair, the dental delivery system is extremely important and is going to be your central hub for treatment systems. We recommend including this as part of the architecture.
  • Using the right surgical lighting.
    When it comes to providing the best dental care possible, it is important to have a nice view. We recommend professional surgical lighting that can make diagnostics and treatment easier for you and the patient.
  • Designing for space, comfort, and storage.
    When it comes to designing a dental treatment room, space, storage, and comfort should be highly important. Ensuring adequate space can make treatment easier and also help ensure patients don’t feel claustrophobic. Storage is another essential part of designing the perfect dental treatment room, ensuring you can properly store any materials needed.

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