Patient Retention Strategies

Patient Retention Strategies

Nov 01, 2018

Often, a practice puts all its focus into gaining new patients. Unfortunately, this does not help sustain a practice long-term. Gaining new patients is important. However, getting these patients to return to your practice ensures their business for years to come. How does a practice foster the kind of relationship with their patients that impels them to return again and again? That is what we’re going to discuss. So, take notes, because these patient retention strategies are some of the most important, low-cost changes a dental practice can make.

Get To Know Your Patients

One of the most effective ways to retain a customer of any kind is to build a positive relationship with them. People want to feel connected to and cared about. The only way to build such a personal relationship is to genuinely get to know them. We don’t have all the time in the world, but we can learn a lot from our brief interactions with them just by talking. Keep a patient file and add a photo and remarks about what was discussed. Did they talk about their son’s graduation, their new car, their cat’s recent vet visit or their favorite sports team? Take a note of it. This way, when this patient returns, you can continue the conversation where it left off. This helps a patient to feel valued and important.

Give Them Your Time

You may have a large amount of work to be done, but if time is not set aside to be with the patients, they will feel that they and their thoughts and concerns are not given any importance. This will create a wedge between them and your practice. Make sure to give each patient a few minutes of the dentist’s undivided attention.

Start On Time

The first time you keep a patient waiting for a few minutes is usually forgiven. But if this is a habit, or they are kept waiting well past their appointment, they will categorize you as someone who doesn’t care about their time. If you don’t care about their time, you don’t care about them. We’re all busy, and some days things just get behind. But, make a practice of being on time. Prompt attention goes a long way to making someone feel important.

These strategies essentially come down to caring about people, not just their oral health. Applying these will help foster patient relationships that lead to high retention rates. For more advice on improving patient retention, make an appointment with our Huston dental consultancy agency today!