Looking for a dental marketing consultant in Houston? Marketing is often discounted since it sounds so simple on paper. Spend money on advertising and more patients will come into your office. However, marketing is much more complex and if not done properly can be more of a detriment than a help. By working with our dental marketing consulting services in Houston, you can gain valuable insight into the methods that can help you the most. Contact Casey Schulin today to discuss our dental marketing services in Houston.


Think you may need a dental marketing consultant in Houston? In the age of social media, marketing consulting services have become more necessary than ever. With so much competition, marketing allows you to present the best image of yourself to the world in order to entice them. Through years of experience, we can help guide you to the most effective strategies to help you reap the most rewards.

Components of marketing I can help you focus on:

  • Branding – What image do you want to display to your patients? This is the keystone to the rest of the marketing strategy.
  • Types – Depending on your marketing focus, we can advise which methods align with your branding. For example, coupon style marketing tactics vs. traditional ads.
  • Social Media – Your presence online is almost as important as the physical presence of your office. Ensuring that all your social media campaigns are aligned and engaging with your target audience is crucial.
  • Avoid Errors – Many discounted marketing strategies have backfired due to not having the necessary small print. Let us help ensure you don’t accidentally overspend.
  • SEO – Ensure your website is optimized for search engines to bring in more natural traffic and potential new patients.

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