Considering dental clinic management in Houston? For an already established dental office, it can be difficult to figure out how to improve it without an outside point of view. Sometimes obvious changes don’t come to mind simply because they are not a part of the everyday routine. Through analyzing the trends of your business and the daily operations of your office, we can help you properly manage your practice.


Practice management & analysis is not a cookie cutter process that works the same for every dentist. In addition to analyzing the business aspects of your dental practice, it is important to be upfront about your expectations and needs for your business. Do you want to increase hours and grow further practices? Or are you looking to streamline and tighten your expenses so you can work less and enjoy life more? Each expectation is totally plausible but requires a different path to get there, which we can help you find.

In order to truly push your business further, you have to focus on embracing a patient based focus. Instead of being driven by how others are doing, you need to find a way to operate better. It can be a daunting task to find your dental practice’s niche, but I can help find the best path for you.

It is estimated that every missed phone call that could have been turned into a patient costs a dental practice $5,000 on average. If just one call is missed a month, that is $60,000 in missed revenue. Through proper medical practice management in Houston & analysis, my team and I can help you avoid issues like this and those similar.