Need help with dental practice transitions in Houston, Texas? The process of purchasing a dental practice and transitioning ownership is not quick and easy. There are many steps and many opportunities for something to go wrong.

The most important aspect of a dental practice transition & brokerage is the valuation of the practice. Some of the most important factors to consider are:

  • Dental Equipment – Are they included and in what condition are they?
  • Patients – How many do they have? How many are new this year?
  • Staff – How skilled is the current staff and do they plan on staying on board?
  • Office – Is it rented or owned?
  • Profits – What are the month-to-month profits and revenue?
  • In addition to these tangible numbers, to create a true valuation, you need to try and look into the future of the practice. This can be nearly impossible to tackle without a trained professional like a dental consultant with experience in dental practice transitions.

Even before getting to the point of purchasing a pre-existing dental practice, a consultant is important to help ascertain:

  • Amount of dentists located in the area
  • Nearby building developments that may drive people to or away from the area
  • The success of other businesses located nearby
  • The reputation of the dental practice being purchased


The transition process can be overwhelming without help, but with a trained professional, you can feel confident that nothing will be overlooked. A transition that is not thoroughly thought out and implemented can lead to unfortunate issues such as loss of patients or loss of staff. Contact Casey Schulin today to discuss dental practice transitions in Houston today.

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