When to Redesign your Dental Website

When to Redesign your Dental Website

Jul 23, 2018

When potential patients stumble on old information on an outdated website, they may draw the wrong conclusions about your practice. They may assume you are not up-to-date with the latest technology.

So, what is the average shelf life for a business website? While there is no one size fits all answer, the rule of thumb is three years. After this amount of time, most sites tend to get stale. Recent research has shown that the most successful large-scale corporations redesign their websites every 2.66 years. These major efforts were determined to keep their sites ahead of the curve. This might not work for most of us, but this aggressive approach is a must for big corporations to remain technologically competitive. The rest of us can’t launch sites and not tend to them for years at a time. Luckily, there are a few clear indicators when the time is right for a site redesign.

Is My Website Mobile Friendly?

Every website must be responsive or mobile-friendly. If your site is still not user-friendly in this way, you are probably losing visitors. Companies that have not complied with this standard are likely ranking low on Google searches

Has My Practice Changed Since My Last Redesign?

Have you expanded your dental practice? Did you update the look of your office? Has newer technology been added? How about office hours? Staff members? Insurance providers? Has anything of these things changed? If so, your website should be updated

Does My Website Look Modern?

If your company site isn’t current with industry trends, it needs to be brought up to speed with at least a more modern design.

Does My Website Function Well On All Technologies (Tables, Browsers, Screen Sizes, etc.)?

Your site may have been up to speed on all technologies at one point, how about now? Today, there are more screen sizes and newer browsers. Be sure your site can be viewed across platforms

Is My Website Better Than the Competition?

Can your site compete with the one launched by the competitor down the road?

Am I Seeing New Patients Because of My Website?

If no new leads can be tracked back to your site, it isn’t performing well, and it is time to work on an update

A site redesign will cost you, but the return on investment will be worth the upfront expense if it continuously draws in new patients.